Holiday Gifts for Car Lovers

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Holiday Gifts for Car Lovers

The Christmas holidays are usually a hectic time for me. Shopping for Christmas presents for my loved ones can be stressful. I want the gifts I buy to be perfect for my family members and friends. Because my husband is a car enthusiast, I always try to shop for something he can put in one of his numerous vehicles. Do you have car lovers in your family? When shopping for holiday gifts for them, consider purchasing car mats, car seat covers, an automatic tire inflator, a car jump starter, or a hail protector. On this blog, I hope you will discover more ingenious gifts to buy the car enthusiasts in your life this holiday season. Enjoy!


Car Smarts: 3 Simple Tips To Maintain Your Transmission

You know that transmission work can be expensive, so the wisest thing to do is keep your transmission in good condition. You will get the most out of this crucial vehicle component with the help of your transmission expert and adhering to the following guide.

1. Do Not Neglect Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance can extend the life of your transmission. You usually need to perform the following every 30,000 miles or once a year, but this does depend on your specific vehicle. So talk to your transmission expert to get an accurate time frame:

  • Your old transmission fluid should be flushed out and replaced. Your transmission expert will inspect the fluid for metal shards, which could indicate mild transmission degradation.
  • The transmission pan is inspected for metal shards; then it is cleaned or replaced.
  • Your transmission filter (screen) should be cleaned or replaced.
  • You should have the pan gasket replaced to prevent leaks due to normal degradation.
  • Friction additives may be added to your transmission system. This is to lubricate your system, which will make shifting better..

2. Properly Engage Your Transmission

Consider the following steps to properly engage your transmission system:

  1. Let your car heat up before heading off. This is important because cold temperatures tend to thicken certain fluids inside your vehicle, including the transmission fluid. You will be thinning out the transmission fluid by taking this step, which should put less strain on your transmission system.
  2. Firmly press on your brake once your car has heated enough. And quickly shift your car from park to the first or second speed without pressing on the gas pedal. Return to park for a moment; then start your car as you normally would. This step helps engage your transmission system before you start your day.

Both of these steps can be performed in the morning after your car has been sitting overnight.

3. Check Your Cooling System

Most of the major problems associated with a transmission stem from overheating. An overheated transmission can damage any number of compartments within your transmission system. Remember that there are many vital parts in an average transmission system, and they are all delicate. Heat can seriously damage and burn parts of your transmission.

So talk to your auto specialist to make sure your radiator is in working condition. You could also consider adding an external cooling system. This system should protect your transmission system, especially if you haul heavy loads or put a lot of strain on your car. Talk to your transmission specialist about your driving habits, and he or she will tell you about some options.