Holiday Gifts for Car Lovers

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Holiday Gifts for Car Lovers

The Christmas holidays are usually a hectic time for me. Shopping for Christmas presents for my loved ones can be stressful. I want the gifts I buy to be perfect for my family members and friends. Because my husband is a car enthusiast, I always try to shop for something he can put in one of his numerous vehicles. Do you have car lovers in your family? When shopping for holiday gifts for them, consider purchasing car mats, car seat covers, an automatic tire inflator, a car jump starter, or a hail protector. On this blog, I hope you will discover more ingenious gifts to buy the car enthusiasts in your life this holiday season. Enjoy!


Questions To Ask To Find The Right Used Car Buyer

When you're selling a used car, focusing on the right types of buyers can help shorten the process of selling your car quickly while also getting a fair price. Potential buyers could include individuals in a private sale, a car dealership that accepts used cars, or junkyards that want to salvage the materials. Here are some questions that you can ask about your vehicle to determine which buyers are most likely to purchase your vehicle. Read More 

Bring Out The Off-Roading Beast In Your 4X4 Pickup With These Insane Upgrades

That truck you have parked in the drive right now may be already equipped with four wheel drive and ready to handle those off-the-beaten-path adventures, but you may never know it by looking at it. The fact is, even pickups that are 4x4 tend to look just like every other truck when they roll off the lot unless you pay for some serious special features from the factory. Thankfully, there is no shortage of aftermarket parts and equipment you can use to change all that. Read More 

Tips For Replacing Your Car’s Starter Yourself

If the starter has failed on your car and you want to try to replace it yourself, then you will be happy to know that this is a fairly simple repair project even if you have never worked on your car before. However, since your car's starter is located on the underside of the car's motor, you will need to jack your car up and place it on jack stands to be safe while working on the starter replacement. Read More 

Three Commercial Driving Safety Tips

Few jobs require as much expertise and caution as commercial driving. It requires your full attention at all times and the ability to react quickly when driving circumstances change, sometimes with little notice. Not only must you contend with other vehicles on the road, but you must navigate through construction zones, hazardous weather, and wildlife that may wander into your path. To protect yourself, your vehicle and other drivers on the road, employ these three commercial driving tips. Read More 

How You Can Replace The Shift Cable Going To The Transmission On Your Chevy Silverado

A sure sign the shift cable for your vehicle's automatic transmission is broken is when you can place the shifter into drive, reverse, or any one of the other positions on the shifter and nothing happens. The problem is usually that the connections on the ends of the shift cable have gotten worn out. You need to replace the shift cable to fix the problem. Replacing the shift cable is something many vehicle owners can do by themselves if they know how to set the vehicle on jack stands and know where the transmission is located. Read More