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Holiday Gifts for Car Lovers

The Christmas holidays are usually a hectic time for me. Shopping for Christmas presents for my loved ones can be stressful. I want the gifts I buy to be perfect for my family members and friends. Because my husband is a car enthusiast, I always try to shop for something he can put in one of his numerous vehicles. Do you have car lovers in your family? When shopping for holiday gifts for them, consider purchasing car mats, car seat covers, an automatic tire inflator, a car jump starter, or a hail protector. On this blog, I hope you will discover more ingenious gifts to buy the car enthusiasts in your life this holiday season. Enjoy!


Different Types Of Preowned Engines: The 411

When your car's engine breaks down and cannot be repaired, it's time to make an important decision. Do you replace your engine with a new one or one that is preowned? If you are on a budget, then getting a preowned engine makes a lot sense because they are generally cheaper than new ones. This article explores the different types of preowned engines on the market so that you can make an informed decision.  


Used engines are those that you find in vehicles sitting in salvage yards. Theses engines have not had any work done on them, so purchasing one is taking a risk. If you are a skilled mechanic, however, you might be able to work on the engine yourself. Because used engines are typically less costly than other preowned engines, you can save yourself a bundle if you have any experience working on cars.  


A rebuilt engine is a step above a used one. These engines have been repaired by local mechanics who remove any faulty components and replace them with working parts. Functioning components are not replaced but are cleaned and reused. This means that some parts will be new, while others will be worn. The quality of a rebuilt engine depends entirely on the skill and experience of the person doing the rebuild.  


A remanufactured engine is one that has been restored to its original condition as much as possible. Of all different types of preowned engines, a remanufactured one is the closest to a new engine. The remanufacturing is typically done by disassembling the engine and then thoroughly cleaning and testing all of the components. Any parts that appear to function at less than an optimal level are replaced. Once all of the internal parts have been restored, the engine is then reassembled. This type of engine will typically cost more than a used or rebuilt engine because more work has been done on them and, as a result, they have a reduced risk of breaking down. 


The different types of preowned engines usually come with different types of warranties. For example, a remanufactured engine will generally have a longer warranty period than a rebuilt or used engine, because it tends to last longer. 

If you need a replacement engine for your vehicle, a preowned engine is often a good choice. For more information, contact Auto & Truck Used Parts or a similar company.